Miffy Queen Cutlery (fixed)

定價 HK$299.00

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🐰 Miffy Queen Miffy 2 pieces stainless steel cutlery (engraving included)

Queen Miffy children's cutlery or children's cutlery stainless steel 2-piece (Dick Bruna) from Zilverstad in gift box. Free engraving of fork and spoon on the front or back is possible.

This two-part Zilverstad children's cutlery has the theme of Queen Miffy (Dick Bruna). The ends of the stems of the children's fork and spoon are in the shape of Miffy with crown and are partly matted. This children's cutlery comes in an orange cardboard gift box with an illustration of Queen Miffy (Queen Miffy) on the lid.

Size 15cm.

荷蘭代購. From Dutch Miffy store.