Totum - Bling Bling Series Gems and Jewelry

售價 HK$169.00 定價 HK$199.00

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🌟🇳🇱Dutch brand: TOTUM - BLING BLING Series

The BLING BLING series from Totum is available in 3 different variants:
(1) Gems and Jewellery with foam dough
(2) Diamond Charms and Jewellery with coloured shell sand

Choose your favorite or collect them all!

Suitable from 6 years, younger kids can play under supervision.
❤️DIY with your kid and have FUN TOGETHER!💕

💝Give it a nice place in your room for the happiest home deco.
💝Includes beautiful storage case that you can take anywhere.
💝Fun to entertain yourself or to do together, for young and old. You can tinker with Totum!

TOTUM is a DUTCH brand and has become a well-known brand with distribution in 70+ countries!

荷蘭代購. From Dutch Warehouse. Made in Holland.