Miffy XL Storage Bag

销售价格 HK$99.00 常规价格 HK$129.00

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🐰 Miffy XL Paper Bag

This practical and super nice storage bag from Bambolino Toys with nice Miffy blue or orange print is bleached white on the outside and raw brown on the inside. It is suitable for on the changing table as a diaper basket, for toys, as a laundry basket or if you really have nothing to store, just for decoration and will complete the nursery.

When you fold the top edge out, you get a nice color effect and you immediately have more grip.


Bambolino Toys Miffy Size XL Paperbag
Colour White with orange or blue
Design: Miffy
Bleached white with raw brown on the inside
Suitable as a laundry basket, storage basket or diaper basket
Maximum load 25 kg
Dimensions: 50x70 cm

荷蘭代購. From Dutch Miffy store.
訂單確定後, 4星期後到貨。