Totum - DIY Factory Sweet Charm

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🌟🇳🇱Dutch brand: TOTUM - DIY FACTORY

The DIY Factory series from Totum is available in 5 different variants:
(1) donut with casting plaster
(2) cupcake with foam dough
(3) pastry with casting plaster
or make your own jewelry and trendy accessories with
(4) sweet charm factory with foam dough
(5) diamond factory with rhinestones.
Choose your favorite or collect them all!

Suitable from 5 years, younger kids can play under supervision.
❤️DIY with your kid and have FUN TOGETHER!💕

💝Give it a nice place in your room for the happiest home deco.
💝Includes beautiful storage case that you can take anywhere.
💝Fun to entertain yourself or to do together, for young and old. You can tinker with Totum!

TOTUM is a DUTCH brand and has become a well-known brand with distribution in 70+ countries!

荷蘭代購. From Dutch Warehouse. Made in Holland.