Miffy Water filled theeter 2pcs

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🐰 Miffy cool teether set of 2

The soft material is ideal for your baby's bite reflex during teething. The teether ensures that, when it is cooled in the refrigerator, the gums are less painful when teeth come through. The teether is designed in such a way that your little one can easily grasp it. The teether is filled with sterilized water and is therefore harmless. Note: do not put the teether in the freezer, but only cool it in the refrigerator. Do not boil the teether, but ideally clean it in the steam steriliser. Dishwasher safe. this teether has the shape of Miffy.
Suitable from 3 months
荷蘭代購. From Dutch Miffy store.
訂單確定後, 4星期後到貨。