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🌟 超淳的100%天然骨膠原蛋白!400gram 荷蘭出產,信心保證!



Ergomax - Collagen Hydrolysate from wild Cod in the North Atlantic Ocean. Product from Holland, processed in Norway.

✅100% hydrolyzed cod hydrolyzate
✅ No additional flavour or additives

Ergomax: Specialist in dietary supplements founded in Holland and selling to countries in Europe. One of Ergomax's most famous products is Collagen hydrolysate: the perfect nutri-cosmetics.

Collagen hydrolyzate is the best supplement, if you are looking for a good and cost-effective product for skin, hair and nails. Because collagen hydrolyzate has undergone an additional processing step, it does not form a gel like ordinary gelatin, but remains fluid. Collagen hydrolyzate therefore mixes with liquids more easily. Result: quick absorption! 🌟Within minutes, the body again has the specific amino acids and amino acid compounds that it can use properly. Naturally, the highest sustainability and processing standards apply.

Collagen hydrolysate Benefits

👍🏻Collagen hydrolysate of wild caught sustainable cod
👍🏻Excellent source of protein
👍🏻Contains high concentrations of glycine, lysine and proline
👍🏻Neutral flavour/taste and durable originating
👍🏻Supports the body’s collagen network
👍🏻100% ecological packaging
👍🏻Ultimate synergy with Elastin Hydrolysate en Shilajit

Take 2 tablespoons per day (24 grams). Can be taken at any time of the day, with a liquid of your choice.

Ingredients per Serving
100% hydrolyzed cod hydrolyzate †.
† Recommended Daily Intake not established.
400 grams

荷蘭代購. From HOLLAND Warehouse.
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