Shopping process and matters needing attention

Shopping process and matters needing attention

1. Shopping

Put all the products into the shopping cart and pay at the same time, pay attention to each product's additional mark spot or dispatch period message for reference. 

2. At checkout 

Please fill in the your home address or SF location address. Please fill in the complete address with all address details, including SF location code, district, suburb code and address details. The completeness of the address is important to ensure the order is sent to the right location. The customer is fully responsible for providing the correct delivery address details and we will not be responsible if customer provides incorrect or incomplete address. 

3. Prices and costs

All prices include international shipping. We will ship the orders from Holland in bulk. At arrival in Hong Kong, the orders will be distributed by SF Express. The cost of SF Express will be charged by SF to the customer.
SF Express (receipt and transportation fee) Freight is subject to SF Express's final charge


4. Order risk
Due to the large volume of goods transferred in the warehouse, when the order is followed up, it will be processed again in case the goods are out of stock or full. There may be a risk of late processing/purchasing/delivering. There are too many products and for delivery we are dependent on the shipping company and HK customs, and individual notifications will be made when the delay exceeds two weeks. Please be considerate and tolerant. Please call or whatsapp us at any time during office hours. No refunds will be made after payment. Please consider before placing an order. 

5. About shipping
If the goods are damaged or lost due to the error of the logistics company during the delivery, our company will assist the courier company to recover. We ship with UPS, PostNL or DHL and will have insurance on the shipment. Where possible, we will look into compensation if UPS, PostNL or DHL can provide this. 

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